For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.



With God, anything is possible. This is why we believe God is working through you to do the impossible. Whether in community or globally, your contributions allow for God to work through our collaborative effort in the earth. We sincerely thank you for your key role in this God-size movement.

Because He gave His Son, we also give. So let our giving be out of gratitude and love for Him. This is why we encourage giving, as God lays it upon your heart and not out of compulsion. 


Not only is God working globally in His universal body but He is also working locally.

Being a 'mission' church, we are inspired to direct what God blesses us with through your generous donations to our community in service as well as our building fund.

Whether it's Project F.E.L.T., our food bank initiative, or our community programs like Safehouse, drop-in sports ministries and the like with more on the way, we can't afford to let God's blessing (you) go to waste.


In wake of Jesus' Great Commission, we are not only inspired but also tasked with following His direction. This is why we are also dedicating what you generously give to global mission's trips that our very own Abundant Life members go to. By extension, it will also include soon-to-be-coming other initiatives that are not spearheaded by us.

Our notable and recent initiative was and continues to be Paraguay missions trips to build houses for the less fortunate.



Dear friends and Abundant Life Gospel Centre Vision Partners,

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus! We hope you are having a blessed day and keeping well. Abundant Life Gospel Centre is growing!

In addition to offering Sunday service and Wednesday night Bible study, we are extremely proud of our many communities, outreach programs and activities, monthly food bank, and our numerous impactful small group sessions. We can all agree this pandemic taught us a lot and though it might have slowed us down, there is so much to be thankful for and because of that, we are victorious!

Our Erie Street location has served us and is still serving us. We have had so many memories there and we have had so many activities throughout the years. Most importantly, we served the community and we will continue to serve the community. We all agreed that it is time to look for our new home - this could be an already structured building or a vacant lot to start building.

This letter serves as a formal letter to inform you of our next step as a church. Our business meeting in November 2021 was a huge success and an inspiration. We had overwhelming responses from some of our members inquiring about starting to pledge. Over the next few months, our treasurer received numerous calls from members ready to start pledging.

If necessary, please take this time to discuss with your family the amount you would like to pledge over the next two (2) years towards our building fund.

Please note that while we can all agree that we are living in some uncertain times regarding job loss, shortage of hours at work, family changes and health, this means:

  • you can increase your pledge
  • you can decrease your pledge at any time
  • your pledge can be put on hold
  • if you believe in our vision and would like to share our pledge with an external family member, please let us know and we would be more than happy to send them a pledge form

At that time, you can  indicate the amount you would like to pledge over the next two years and your method of payment. You can contribute online, or if you would like us to mail out an individual pledge form to you, please email us at If you are experiencing difficulties that might prevent you from honoring your pledge, your pledge can be amended.

May God continue to bless and keep you as we continue to seek His guidance as we move forward together.

Pastor Kevin M. A. Cole
P. P. KF



With options to select where you want your gift to go, you can be assured that it goes where you want to help the most. Additionally, you can select how often you want your gift to be sent whether it's a one-time gift or a recurring gift.


There are forms that you can fill out at the back of the sanctuary and deposit into the offering plate at any time during our Sunday worship experience. 


If you could not make it and want to give by envelope, please indicate that it is to 'Abundant Life Gospel Centre' and it can be mailed to 17 Erie Street, Oshawa, Ontario, L1H 3R1.