New To Abundant Life?

We were there too; let's share the experience - Together.



We do not have a strict dress code at Abundant Life - come as you are! We have some members and attendees who wear dresses and suits and ties and some who wear sweaters, tees and jeans.


So Glad YOu Made IT

It's excellent to finally meet you! You can expect our service to start at 10:30 AM live in-person as well as through streaming. Join us as we worship our risen King, Jesus!


Next In LINE

Just because we're having fun doesn't mean your children can't! We have a designated program for your children during service and information for youth and young adults.

Question Circle


If for any reason you have an questions, comments or suggestions, you are welcome and free to speak with our designated greeters, deacons or even our pastor who tends to float around the church after service!