With God, anything is possible. This is why we believe God is working through you to do the impossible. Whether in community or globally, your contributions allow for God to work through our collaborative effort in the earth. We sincerely thank you for your key role in this God-size movement.

Because He gave His Son, we also give. So let our giving be out of gratitude and love for Him. This is why we encourage giving, as God lays it upon your heart and not out of compulsion. Trust that it is safe and secure online. Thank you.

Inspired Giving


    Not only is God working globally in His universal body but He is also working locally. 

    Being a 'mission' church, we are inspired to direct what God blesses us with through your generous donations to our community in service as well as our building fund.

    Whether it's Project F.E.L.T., our food bank initiative, or our community programs like Safehouse, drop-in sports ministries and the like and more on the way, we can't afford to let God's blessing (you) go to waste.

    To learn more about our building fund program, click here to learn more.

  • Globally

    In wake of Jesus' Great Commission, we are not only inspired but also tasked with following His direction. This is why we are also dedicating what you generously give to global mission's trips that our very own Abundant Life members go to. By extension, it will also include soon-to-be-coming other initiatives that are not spearheaded by us.

    Our notable and recent initiative was and continues to be Paraguay missions trips to build houses for the less fortunate.