Mantle Bearers

Who Will Go?

Abundant Life sees a marginalized and forgotten demography of our young people as relevant too. It is too often that we focus on the mature generations as well as our children but forget about who is right now receiving the 'keys' for the changing of the guards: these are our teens and young adults.

Whether they are students or in early adulthood, God still sees them as His and is prepared to help them every step of the way individually, in community - whether at home, school, or abroad and wants to form an intimate relationship with them.

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This is a group of youth, run by young adults. While guard rails are placed by elders in the church for the initiative, Safehouse is an environment where healthy communities can be formed with young people as they navigate growing up and bringing God in the middle of healthy conversations through Bible study.

At the same time, realizing that community is also fostered through actions together: our young people facilitate games and activities.

U-Th: Next Steps

A group that only communicates with itself turns into a clique. This is not God's idea of fellowship.

Next Steps is the environment that young people take the tools they've learned in Bible study, from each other, life and use it to impact their communities as God spearheads the opportunities through their gifts, passions and talents.

Whether this is fulfilled in their own idea in giving back, missions or other initiatives - it anticipates achieving a cycle of Kingdom impact missions.