The Path Ahead

  • Beautifying Oshawa and it's surrounding regions by inviting as many people to encounter Jesus Christ, so as to involve many on his dream team, that we may impact many through our divine purpose.

  • Valuing the quality of life through spiritual maturity and worship, by serving the whole community in love and leading others to a relationship with Jesus Christ, whereby fostering a healthy Church family.

    Core Values:

    We behave with discipleship, mentorship, and compassion.

    • DISCIPLESHIP: "Rightly dividing the Word of Truth" - teaching and preaching sound biblical doctrine in practical easy-to-understand ways for the discipleship of souls
    • MENTORSHIP: "Giving youth a voice" - investing in our youth and children to provide more opportunities for their tomorrow.
    • COMPASSION: "Doing it unto the least of these..." We provide opportunities that empower individuals to maximize their full potential and become their optimal best. Thus becoming an integral part of society.