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Dear Friends and Abundant Life Gospel Centre Vision Partners,


2016 has been a turning point in the history of our church community.  After 40 years of ministry in the city of Oshawa, we have made a pivot in a new direction.  This new direction was an intentional shift to become more missional in our approach to ministry. Our church aim was to integrate ourselves more into the city, so as to touch more souls with the gospel.  And by God's providence, we did just that, when we made the move last June to Cineplex Odeon for our Sunday morning services.


2020 Vision: A Vibrant Church


Back in 2015, our church bumped into the Will of God that set us on an exciting course that we have never been before in our history. God answered our many prayers to help us know how we can participate with him in his work. It was during this time that God showed us through the help of a book (Autopsy of a dead Church) that we were at the first stage of becoming a dead church. We were not dead, and we were not dying, but we're had the symptoms of a sick church. Some of the symptoms were: Low Sunday worship attendance, Lack of discipleship, Divided ministries, Inward church focus, etc


But God breathed new life into us by giving us a blueprint of what we need to do to become a healthy vibrant church. And by 2020, God had put us on track to becoming a fellowship that will impact more people than we have ever done in our entire history. Prayerful, we determined a refined vision with five critical goals that we need to achieve in order to reached our mark:

  • Strengthen Ministry Administration
  • Increase opportunities for people to work in their Gifts and Passions
  • Have a Stronger Outreach Ministry
  • Inspire a Culture of Generosity
  • Worship in an Improved Facility

Like any new direction that God gives his people, it requires a step of faith to come out of our comfort zones and into the will of God. And we did just that. On June 5, 2016 we stepped out in faith to do our Sunday morning service at the Oshawa Cineplex Odeon Movie Theatre. After doing this for over a year, this step of faith has proven to be good step, helping us already reach three of our five goals:

  • Increase opportunities for People to work in their Gifts and Passions
  • Have a Stronger Outreach Ministry
  • Worship in an Improved Facility

And we are on track with the other two goals. Our leadership is currently involved in a 24-month training that is working to improve our ministry proficiency. We are already seeing initial improvements in our discipleship efforts, anticipating a fully engaged Five-Fold Ministry Dream Team by 2019. And regarding the fifth goal (fostering a culture of generosity), God is bringing our church fellowship into a season of “financial freedom,” as we launched stewardship ministry.


The Cause and Challenge


Moving our Sunday Services to Oshawa's Movie Theatre is shaping our church culture to become more missional. By this, I mean that God has taken us out of our comfort to put us in one of Oshawa's major entertainment centre, so as to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the City.  This is teaching us on how to become less religious focused and more Christ focused. We are learning how to be less empire-driven and more kingdom-driven. We are learning how to pray more for God to use our church to bless the community than pray for God to use the community to bless us. We are learning how to channel our collective efforts in building people over that of building ministries through individuals. We are learning how to better be the hands and feet of Jesus.


However, this move did not come without a cost. We are a nonprofit Christian faith-ministry. Since ministry rarely pays for itself, being a nonprofit “faith-ministry" means simply that we have chosen to trust God to provide financially as we stepped out in faith to minister.  This step of faith towards the 2020 Vision took us out of our financial comforts, increasing our annual ministry operation budget from $90,000 to $130,000. This is a big step of faith for us.


However, we are believing God to raise up people to help us in this challenge.  We ask that you consider if God might use you to help Abundant Life Gospel Centre continue to bring this pivotal impact upon our city.  You can help us by committing financially in any of the following ways that God directs:


1) Become a regular contributor, if you have not yet done so, and/or

2) Become more consistent with your contributions, and/or

3) Increase the amount of your monthly contribution

We believe God can do it. We want to thank those who have been giving their tithes and offerings faithfully to this ministry. We have some of the best givers in the nation.  This was proven in our last Paraguay summer mission trip, where we raised in the space of a few months over $6000 to send two missionaries and build four houses in Carapegua. Praise God!!!  We have people who know how to rally around a cause and a challenge, giving the best of their time, talent and treasures. 


We are believing God to touch people to help our 2020 vision come to past.  This is why we took the time to write to you the cause and challenge of why we are at the Cineplex.  By making a financial commitment, you are investing in all the many souls who we hope will find their place in God's amazing grace through our ministry.


Abundant Life Blessings,


Pastor Kevin M. A. Cole 


Church Trustees

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