How to connect with us...

Weekly, we have the following ministries at two locations

Sunday Morning Services

9:30-11:00 am


 1351 Grandview St, North Oshawa

Wednesday Night Bible Studies

7:00-8:30 pm


 17 Erie St., South Oshawa

Office: 905 433 1438

Food Bank (Project F.E.L.T)

Every 3rd Saturday


17 Erie Street, Oshawa ON

Click here for more Food Bank information

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Additionally, there are other ways to connect to our church!!

You can join our life groups ministry, meeting people to build strong and close relationships.  

Or you can take our ministry survey, that helps you find out how to plug in your passion on purpose. 

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Care | Missions | Discipleship

Join one of our small group fellowships if you are looking for somewhere to provide love, acceptance, friendliness, and compassion of Christ.

Click here to browse our various life groups you could join.

Find Your Ministry Sweet Spot

Do you know what makes you uniquely special from the rest? We have a survey that helps you find your ministry sweet-spot, identifying four areas of strength about yourself:

S - Skillsets

I - Interests of Ministry

G - Gifts of the Holy Spirit

N - Niche of Functionality

Click here to download and take your S.I.G.N. Survey today.  

For scorecard results, submit completed survey to: